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Test Reveals That Budget Truck Rental is Cheaper Than Uhaul. Learn How!

Moving Help Center recently released an article comparing the top two truck rental companies in US. Test revealed that Budget Truck Rental is cheaper than Uhaul, not just in daily rental fee, but also in per mile rates.

Whenever you rent a truck for a local move, you will have to pay two rates: The daily rental fee + miles. Whenever we consider the fact that the average person, even if they are just moving "down the street" will use at least 25-30 miles, the per mile rate is very important to consider.

Sure, as a mover, I can understand the desire to have a low ramp on the truck for loading - but its not really as important as one might think. Dollies, proper lift techniques, and the right pair of shoes/boots sort of resolves this problem. But since we are the ones doing the lifting & loading for truck rental customers, the ramp part doesn't really matter to those who are seeking a cost-effecient way to move - the per mile rate matter #allratesmatter


Rental Truck Rates Compared


Truck Rental Rates

Moving Help Center compared the two companies smallest box truck (Budget has a 12ft and Uhaul a 10), neither of which have ramps, to demostrate the pricing difference on a small scale.

The daily rates were a $3 difference - Budget being the cheaper one. The per-mile rates were about 30 cents difference (Uhaul is 99 center per mile and Budget 63 cents per mile) - thats almost a 30% difference alone.

On a small move, you have a small savings, but nonetheless saving (every dollar counts). However, on a larger move with a larger truck, you can really see a big difference in the pricing.


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