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Moving From Houston, TX to Toronto, ON for less than $2399

Are you moving from Houston to Toronto? If so, we have a solution to help you with getting your things moved from Houston, TX to Toronto, ON with ease: Portable Storage Containers and Moving Help.

Moving From Houston to Toronto, ON

We had a client moving from Houston Medical Center to Canada (Toronto, ON). We went on location to load his portable storage container (Relocubes by UPack).

As we were moving, we struck up a conversation like we normally do when out on moves. We were talking about why he chose to rent a portable storage container to move to Toronto - the answer is obvious: not having to drive a load from southern US to Canada.

Cost of Moving to Canada from Houston

Long story short, he got 2 Relocube containers, door-to-door delivery in less than 5 days, for $2125 (portable storage moving cost) then he paid for 4 hours of moving labor: 2 movers 2 hours for $100 with us for loading & 2 movers 2 hours for C$190 (around $140 USD) for the unload team in Toronto - see Muskoka Movers in Toronto, ON.

Total for Moving from Houston, TX to Toronto, ON: $2350

See how much it will cost for a portable storage container for your move - click here!

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